For home and business owners in Loveland, the professionals at Harmonic Series are here to provide you with a variety of services—from automation and security systems and beyond—to help you truly customize your home or business for the benefit of your enjoyment, convenience and overall safety.

Who are We?

Harmonic Series is a technology integration company that is proud to serve home and business owners in Loveland with innovative and reliable audio, video, lighting and control solutions. Our goal is to please every one of our clients, ensuring their complete satisfaction with the services that we provide. Whether you’re looking for services for your home or business, Harmonic Series is here to provide you with convenient and easy solutions for your home or office technology.

What Do We Provide?

Harmonic Series is proud to provide home and business owners in Loveland with a variety of services to help customize and streamline the audio, video, security and control aspects of your home and business. Whether you’re looking for more control over your home or business’ lighting, HVAC control, audio and video or otherwise, Harmonic Series offers a variety of services to help you better customize your home or business.

Automation Systems for Home and Business

Whether you’re looking to gain more control over the heating and cooling systems in your home or business, make accessing your audio and video options a breeze or some combination of the two, Harmonic Series is proud to offer Loveland home and business owners with a variety of different automation systems. Here and now, homes and businesses rely on a variety of different technologies, and Harmonic Series makes it easy by putting them all in one convenient and easy to control place. We customize each automation system to perfectly suit your home or business’ needs, ensuring that it’s easy for you to use and control.

Did you leave the house in a hurry and forget to turn off a light? Were you alerted of some suspicious activity occurring near your business after hours? In the past, both of these instances would usually require you to be on the premises in person to check on them, but automation systems allow you to do so from your smartphone or tablet, regardless of your location. At Harmonic Series, we give you the ability to view and control every aspect of your system from anywhere. Whether you’re in Loveland itself or halfway around the world, our automation systems allow you to control and view everything from your security cameras to your HVAC system from any locale.

Automation and Security Systems in Loveland

Whether you’re a business owner who’s looking for control over the lighting and HVAC systems in your facility or a homeowner who wants to increase your family’s overall safety, Harmonic Series is here to provide you with the finest in audio, video, lighting and control solutions in Loveland. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and our experienced professionals are committed to helping you find the solutions that best suit the needs of your home or business. To learn more about our automation and security systems for Loveland homes and businesses, get in touch with us today.