Whether you’re looking to gain more control over the wide variety of technologies in your home or business, increase the safety and security of your employees or family, or some combination of these, doing so on your own can be a complicated process, especially if you haven’t done so before. If you’re a home or business owner in Boulder looking for automation, lighting, security services and more, you need to work with a business that can not only provide you with results, but also provide you with exactly what you need. Harmonic Series is proud to provide home and business owners in Boulder with a variety of services, from home automation and security to audio, video and beyond.

Who Are We?

Harmonic Series is a technology integration business that services home and business owners in Boulder with a variety of services, ranging from automation, lighting and security to audio and video. We work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction with the services that we provide. Whether you’re a Boulder business owner that wants to make controlling your lighting, HVAC and security systems easier or a homeowner that wants to fit your home with a high quality home theater system, Harmonic Series is proud to provide you with a variety of easy solutions to customize your home and business.

What Do We Provide?

Harmonic Series is focused on providing Boulder home and business owners with a variety of different services to make for more enjoyable and convenient experiences. Whether you’re in need of a high-end home theater set up or a home automation system that allows you control over your home’s lighting, HVAC systems and beyond, we have a variety of products that can help make your home and business experience far easier and more convenient. We customize all of our work to perfectly suit your needs.

Did you leave your home in a hurry and forget to shut the lights off? Are you worried about the safety of your business late at night? Automation systems make it easy to control a variety of aspects — from lighting to security — from far away distances. Whether you’re in a different part of Boulder and are unable to be on the premises, or you’re on vacation in a completely different locale, automation systems give you the power of control from the convenience of your tablet or smartphone. No more having to drive back to work or home to double check; simply load the app and make the changes in a matter of seconds.

Automation and Security Services in Boulder

Harmonic Series is happy to offer home and business owners in Boulder with a variety of different services. Our end goal is to provide you with products and services that help make for a safer, more convenient and enjoyable experience at your Boulder home or business, and we aim to do so by providing you with the best in automation, security, lighting and home theater services available today. To learn more about our Boulder automation and security services for home and business, contact us today.