Do you always head out and buy the newest speakers whenever your favorite manufacturer releases a new set? Are you the first in line to grab a new receiver that promises better sound? If you are, have you noticed that the system you have put together doesn’t seem to live up to what the maker promised? This is not your fault. The problem lies with the design and build of consumer, and even high-end prosumer, audio products. These speakers and receivers can sound great…in the right room, which is probably where you heard them.

If you want a system that is going to sound perfect for YOUR room and YOUR music, you need help from the professionals at Harmonic Series. We are the premier home audio installation company in Fort Collins, because we don’t believe in designing or building any system that isn’t one-of-a-kind. While we do have our favorite manufacturers, we always do what is right for the room, no matter what the brand.

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