Keep your patrons, your staff, and your assets secure! With smart business security systems, you will be able to keep an eye on your most precious investments from anywhere! Adding security cameras and systems to your business in Colorado allows you to keep records, deter theft, and ensure you have proper evidence in case something does go wrong. By using smart security, you will be able to check cameras and logs from almost any connected electronic device!


Set the mood of your store or restaurant with the right sound. The ambient music or sounds that play through your business help to set the stage for the customer’s experience, and help to build a positive initial feeling. At Harmonic Series, we are serious about our audio! We will test your space to find the best speaker placement to compliment the acoustics of your establishment. If you’ll be setting the mood with some light jazz or atmospheric sound effects, or cranking up the bass for a party, we will find the best audio solution for you! We want you to experience pristine audio clarity, no matter what.


Say goodbye to those gross fluorescents, and take full control of your space. Help guide your clients and customers into your space with warm, inviting lights. Highlight key areas or points of interest, and create a welcoming environment that makes people feel comfortable. By using smart lighting systems, you will be able to create the right lightscape! You will easily be able to control all of your lights at once to adjust any spots that are too bright or too dim. 

Outdoor lighting can also be installed to assist with security, safety, and pleasure. Create a space for outdoor congregation. A well-lit patio area helps to attract passersby, and can keep patrons engaged at your business for longer periods of time. Outdoor lighting helps people feel safe visiting your business at night, and can aid your security camera systems as well!

When you choose smart lighting for your business, you will also be choosing the eco-friendly option! All of the systems that we install use less electricity than standard bulbs. This not only saves you money on future electricity bills, but it helps to keep the environment healthy!


Keep your customers entertained and informed with beautiful video. Installing TV’s or projectors in your business will engage your clientele with stunning visuals. Whether you’re putting on the Rockies game, projecting sale information, or showcasing products, adding screens can help customers focus where you want them to, and keep them in your business. Harmonic Series offers projectors and TV’s both large and small. We will carefully work with you to find the perfect solution for your business! The brands we work with carry 4K HD TV’s, and even mirror TV’s that will add extra ambience to your business, even when they are turned off!

Break Rooms

Treat your employees with a comfortable place to take breaks. Create a place for them to unwind and prepare for the rest of their shift. You can add audio, lighting, and video options to your break room so that you are treating your employees just as well as your customers. Give them even more reasons to love coming to work!

No matter what you need for your business, Harmonic Series has you covered. Our experts are ready to work with you to make your customers enjoy a luxurious experience. We can work with sports bars, retail stores, attraction and experience businesses, and more! We will help you make the most of your space as we work with you to upgrade your technology. Contact us today for a free inspection!