Today, the professional home theater installers at Harmonic Series in Fort Collins are going to discuss why you need professional help setting up your home theater system. By bringing our skills and knowledge, as well as the highest-quality 4K TVs and top-of-the-line audio and smart home components, to the table, we will create a home theater that no one else will be able to top.

Call us today to start the process, or read on for more information about the difference professional home theater design can make! Let’s get started!

The Problem With Home Theater Packages

While there are many “all-in-one” home theater setups available online and at big box stores, none of them are ever going to be perfect for your home. Sure, they’ll work better than your TV speakers or a soundbar and subwoofer combo, but they never get better than “pretty good.”

What these sets can’t take into account is the size and shape of your room, what the walls are made from, what TV you’re using, how far away from the TV your furniture is, and so on. Those are just a few of the problems that these “all-in-one” systems just can’t overcome.

It’s those details, along with the right combination of equipment, that take a system from mediocre to monumental. Harmonic Series takes all of the variables into account so we can design, build, and install a home theater that is truly world class, and truly custom.

What Makes Professional Home Theater Installation Better?

It isn’t about shoving the biggest and loudest speakers into your home theater. It’s more important to find the audio and video components that make the experience of watching your movies more immersive, and your favorite team’s games feel as big as they really are. We accomplish this by bringing the right speakers into your room, installing them in the right places, checking to ensure that the delays are set correctly, and testing the system back to front to make sure that it is working perfectly.

A Connected Home at Your Fingertips

At Harmonic Series, we can integrate the best TVs and audio components with home automation, smart lighting, and other smart home systems. The technology to bring these systems together can be complicated, so instead of stressing yourself out, let us set it up for you!

When you hire us, you’re hiring a team that has the knowledge, the experience, and the passion to deliver the home theater setup you’ve always dreamed of having. No shortcuts, no half-measures, just an audio-visual system that will change the way you watch your TV shows, sports, and movies forever.

Check back soon for more home theater and smart home tips from Harmonic Series in Fort Collins! If you want to speak with our team, give us a call today. We would love to discuss your home theater goals, along with any home automation or smart lighting that you would like to integrate into your home. From straightforward setups to the most complex and intricate smart home designs, we are ready to tackle your project!